Ecocapsule in the snow

Put your Nespresso away, we're not here to talk about coffee, we're here to talk about a self-sufficient house!

For those of you who dream about travelling around the world without leaving your couch, your dreams are about to come true. Still, it will take a little more effort than that but it's not impossible thanks to this self-sufficient house that can accommodate two adults and provide them with comfort hitherto unthinkable, and never thought of before. This invention named EcoCapsule is a "portable home” that is 100% self-sufficient in energy and fresh water.

Ecocapsule couch and kitchen

According to the architect office at the initiative of this great project, the ecocapsule is equipped with all the basic amenities and conveniences, even though it is small in size. The 8sq.m house allows you to sleep in a good bed, to eat hot meals and to be supplied with water no matter where you are. The capsule is "equipped" with a built-in kitchenette, running water, flushing toilet, hot shower and workspaces. Everything has been arranged to maximize space, including corners dedicated to storage!

Some figures to better understand

The house measures 4.5 meters long and 2.4 meters wide and may provide up to 750W with a wind turbine and its 600W photovoltaic panels. The egg-shaped capsule also features a 9744Wh battery to store the energy. This comes in handy especially during dark nights or when the wind is not providing enough energy on its own. In the same vein, rainwater is collected and then filtered to meet the fresh water needs of its tenants.

ecocapsule blueprint

Now I see all of you coming with a reasonable question... How do you travel with a house that has no wheels? Fair enough. It seems that the capsule has been designed to fit into a shipping container and no special preparations and precautions are necessary to transport it worldwide. Therefore, it can travel by plane or boat. The Ecocapsule can also be placed on a trailer and pulled by a car, personally I would not try the adventure.

Presented on the 28th of May for the very first time after 7 years of research, the prototype has captivated its audience for its design as much as its practicality. We don’t have any clue regarding its price but the first models should hit the market by early 2016.

Featured image & illustrations: Nice Architects