Corisca landscape

7 activities to do in Corsica to break out the routine

Corsica is an ideal destination because of its blue skies and its large and sunny beaches. But the island lends itself to sports or unusual activities that are worth visiting. Alongside typical activities such as surfing, tanning etc … Here is our selection of activities you may try if you want to break out the […]

Antarctic ice sunset

Top 5 places in the world to run a marathon

The Great Wall Marathon in China Want to run a marathon on one of the Seven Wonders of the world? The Great Wall Marathon is waiting for you. With its 5164 steps, the marathon of the Chinese wall is one of the toughest races in the world (especially for calves), but also one of the […]

Montreal by night

5 reasons to visit Montreal

It feels so good to write about Quebec and its melodious accent! To put it in a nutshell, Montreal is the alloy of captivating modernity in an antique landscape. A city in which openness and creativity coexist. We’ve put together a small top 5 of the main reasons why you should visit the city.

Ecocapsule in the snow

Ecocapsule: a brand-new home to travel all around the world!

Put your Nespresso away, we’re not here to talk about coffee, we’re here to talk about a self-sufficient house!

Cycle touring

Cycle touring: a new trend for travellers

Summer is coming , get your bikes on the road! It is on the agenda in the south of France thanks to the “canal des deux mers à vélo”. A bicycle path that links the Atlantic to the mediterranean sea. Let’s have a look at this phenomenon coming from Holland called cycle touring. This is […]

Couchsurfing logo

Couchsurfing: where humans meet travellers

“We envision a world made better by travel, and travel made richer by connection.” This is the statement of the CouchSurfing company, fair and square. It was launched by Casey Fenton in 2000, following a trip to Iceland. Once there, he contacted students to ask for accommodation or simply to meet and learn more about […]

Valise Connectée Bluesmart

Bluesmart: a smart luggage for connected people

The smart bag that already conquered the world After decades without major innovations in the luggage industry, a start-up from New York claims to solve all the problems of modern travellers. Let’s focus on this new phenomenon: the world’s first connected carry-on ! “The luggage industry hasn’t brought much innovation” said Bluesmart CEO Saez Gil […]

Place de la bourse at Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux : European Best Destination 2015

European Best Destinations is a travel organisation based in Brussels which aims at promoting culture and tourism in Europe. The Belgian company gathers information about tourist destination and develops partnership with tourist offices and create online booking tools tailored to the needs of the European tourism boards. Every year, hundreds of thousand of voters take […]

MS Dockville festival in Europe

Five festivals you must know in Europe

Summer is coming! Here is a selection of 5 festivals you can enjoy over the following months in Europe. From a left over Polish coalmine to the Bulgarian mountains, these odball parties allow you to visit the continent through new musical landscapes! Festival yeah! in France Festival Yeah! 2014 Trailer Produced by famous DJ Laurent Garnier, Yeah! […]