Corsica is an ideal destination because of its blue skies and its large and sunny beaches. But the island lends itself to sports or unusual activities that are worth visiting. Alongside typical activities such as surfing, tanning etc ... Here is our selection of activities you may try if you want to break out the routine this summer!

Canyoning in the wild water

In recent years, this practice has been booming thanks to the canyons of the Purcaraccia , the Vacca and Piscia di Gallo or that of Fiumicelli.
Canyoning, what is it? It refers to the use of abseiling, jumping and sliding to get from the top of a canyon to the bottom. It involves the use of hiking equipment and white water skills to successfully descend a canyon. This activity that is both fun and physical , but remains open to all. You just need to know how to swim. Different courses should fulfill all expectations and adapt to all levels.

Climbing the Bavella peaks

Still in the field of sport, and in the same area of the island: you can climb the mythical Bavella peaks! Several types of training courses are presented to familiarize yourself with this practice and tame the red granite of this mount.
For those of you who are less adventurous, you can climb the via ferrata to cross the mountains easily, thanks to iron ladders set in the rock. In this case, no need for a highly specialized equipment : provide yourself with a pair of sneakers, a helmet and a harness , and go for it!

Donkey riding in Niolu’s valley

The valley of Niolu, in Corsica.
The valley of Niolu. Credits : Frederic Bruschet

Maybe you are not a “thrill-seeker”. No worries, Corsica always has the solution. It is said that the heart of Corsica is beating in the Valley of Niolu. A landlocked city, where modernity has never pointed the tip of his nose . A land of shepherds that produce cheese which reputation is well established. And you can discover this land of talents on the back of a... donkey. It is, from far, the best way to observe the island since it demonstrates the out of sync atmosphere of the place. The program includes altitude lakes, streams, watermill, ancestral paths and hiking packages that last for several days.

Rather looking for a familial activity ? What about tree climbing in Calvi

An adventure course for adults and children is waiting for you near Calvi beach. The air path in the pine forest includes some forty workshops which allow you to visit the forest without setting foot on land. The beginning of the course is supervised, then you can carry on autonomously, alone with the nature! But there’s no reason to panic, there are 3 difficulty levels adapted to your climbing skills. It will cost between 5 and 20 € depending on the length of the course.

Girolata, a village only accesible by foot

If you want to relax away from the pollution and the noise of the vehicles, you can visit Girolate. A village where the pollution does not exist for a simple reason: there is no road, the village is only accesible by foot! Once again, you will have to do some sports to access the village since it involves the ascension of the Col de la Croix. Which is about 1 hour 30 of effort. That being said, it has no apparent difficulties. The ascension is more known as a hike during which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Girolata's city port
Photo Credits

Once you reach your destination, you will be enchanted by the wild and well-preserved side of the village. Girolata being a port city, you can also treat yourself and discover the joys of tasting local fish. You can also opt for boat trips through the shipping agency Linea Porto who will suggest either a ride in calm sea or a sporty excursion, it’s up to you!

Cycle touring

As you may have already read on aFabulousTrip, cycle touring achieves great success among travelers. Guess what ? In Corsica you have the choice between small mountain roads , forest trails, and promenades along the sea! There’s no time to get bored. Several organizations offer courses or guides. The duration may vary from half a day to a week depending if you want to visit a small village or the whole Corsica. For a complete tour, you better be well trained!

Lavezzi’s archipel: underwater paradise

Lavezzi Islands in Corsica
Lavezzi Islands. Photo Credits: Phil Heck

Finally, after all those efforts, the island offers a quiet and relaxing day diving in the archipelago of Lavezzi, renowned for its underwater population in the Mediterranean. It includes ten islands, famous for its highly-colored landscape. More than 68 species of fish swim in its crystal clear water. Diving here remains a breathtaking experience. No matter if you are a hardcore diver rediscovering the seabed or a beginner only equipped with a mask and a snorkel floating on the surface, hundreds of fishes will surround you. And the setting will make you forget everything else.